Do Generative AI, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality shape tomorrow's B2B sales?

“Yes!” say industry colleagues and experts on Tuesday at the fourth DIGITAL COMMERCE SUMMIT automotive & industry in Saarbrücken Castle.

Even at the pre-event, including dinner speeches and delicious tapas, new contacts were made, and old ones were refreshed. On the event day itself, networking continued in a unique location. The impressive cross-industry best practice presentations, showcases, and World Cafés provided industry and automotive aftermarket participants with plenty of talking points!

But what matters in B2B sales of the future? Among the key insights were the following:

1. The trend is moving away from Artificial Intelligence as a Black Box towards Trusted AI.

2. Companies must know and analyze their processes to implement innovative technologies effectively.

3. In an increasingly digitized world, data-driven decision-making is becoming increasingly important.

4. The sales of the future are more than a transaction; they create a seamless online customer experience.

5. The salesperson of the future, thanks to AI, asks the right questions and is better informed.

6. The integration of innovative technologies is of great importance to increase sales efficiency.

Long story short: “Innovate or Die!” This does not mean blindly chasing every trend. However, those who do not engage with future technology will be left behind in future competition.